Living La Vida Loca

Funny Pearls is a fabulous satirical journal dedicated to showcasing humour by women. It’s based in London, but has a global readership. I’ve long enjoyed reading it and recently, it has very kindly published two of my pieces: Living La Vida Loca and An Exercise in Rebranding.

Humour by women? When asked why the journal was established, one of the editors, Mette Jolly commented:

We felt women were poorly represented in the humour genre. I would like to stress that we have no empirical basis for making this claim, it was a feeling, rather than a scientifically established fact. But many female writers have since told us they never thought they could be funny or that they had been told specifically that women aren’t funny. The latter is obviously nonsense.

Another widespread misconception is that only women enjoy humour by women. That’s nonsense too as our male readership would testify.

However, the magazine is not intended to be only for women. It has a broad readership and is not marketed  at a primarily female readership. Everybody needs a laugh! Go on, treat yourself – take a look… 🤣