Degrees of Exposure

A young man is seduced by a knitting sorceress. A couple weekending in Copenhagen bond through an unexpected donation of wedding cake. An old ex-mercenary, cut off by flood waters, finds himself transformed into James Bond. Two worlds collide in an out-of-town retail park as a middle-aged woman helps two asylum seekers in their quest for a better life…

In this new collection of thirty-three contemporary short stories, readers are invited to dip into different worlds, walking hand-in-hand with an eclectic and colourful range of characters as they deal with love, hope, joy, disappointment, and loss. All the featured stories have either won prizes or been short- or long-listed in international creative writing competitions.

Praise from judges:

 (That) Hollow Place: ‘Moving and Inspirational’ – Writers Forum

Seesaw of Isolation: ‘Wonderfully imaginative’ – Yeovil Literary Prize

Stitched Up: ‘Someone with a magical way with writing’ – Writing Magazine

Nighthawks: ‘Beautifully paced’ – Dahlia Press

Quality Time: ‘The judges were particularly impressed not just by the storyline but the quality of writing and characterisation’ – Henshaw Press

American Gothic: ‘Moving and believable – you write with style and elegance’ – Exeter Story Prize

Degrees of Exposure: ‘Believable, insightful characterisations’ – Hammond House

Degrees of Exposure is now available from Amazon (and many other book retailers) in paperback or ebook.

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Instructions for Living

The thirty-two short stories in this collection have all won awards or been short- or longlisted in creative writing competitions.

Their subject matter is eclectic and their themes wide-ranging generating a brilliant treasure chest of scenarios: a young woman falls in love with a stuffed polar bear, an old man faces losing his lifelong companion, a decades old unsolved crime rears up, a boy suddenly finds out he can walk on water …

With a cast of colourful characters that encompasses the tentative young and the resilient old, those who are seeking love and those who have lost it, these are tales of resilience, joy, hope and sorrow – and plenty more.

You can buy Instructions for Living from Amazon in paperback or ebook.