short stories

Here are the links to some of my short stories:

Two of my stories, Witness and Benny and Doll’s Nice Day Out appear in Henshaw Treats – the first anthology from the Henshaw Press.

Quality Time is published in Henshaw Three.

Diamond Life is published in Henshaw Four.

Three stories, Halfway to Hank, Stitched Up, and Things Mr Google Doesn’t Know are included in Flashlight (published by Exeter Writers)

The Reassuring Philanthropy of Cake appears in She Cries Honey: Ellipsis Zine #7

Rainbow’s End appears in Trip of a Lifetime – an anthology of travel-related short stories.

The One that Got Away appears in Fresher Writing 2015 – the best new writing from the Fresher Writing Prize

In the Frame is published in the Momaya Press Annual Review 2015

Fear of Flying and At War with Mr Wilberforce are available to download on the Alfie Dog Fiction site.

Quality Time appears in the 2018 Wrekin Writers Anthology

Nighthawks appears in In the Kitchen (published by Dahlia Press)

Degrees of Exposure is included in Light – the HG Wells Short Story Competition Anthology 2017

Get Along Without You Now appears in the Bedford International Writing Competition 2017 Anthology

While You Were Away is published in the Bedford Writing Competition 2015 Short Story Anthology

An Entry in the Yellow Book appears in Impermanent Facts (published by Retreat West)

Suits appears in May You – The Walter Swan Prize Anthology

Lift Off is included in The Gascogny Writers Anthology 2016

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