How old is an ‘older’ writer?

An article in the Daily Telegraph yesterday focused on ‘older writers’ with the headline that ‘It’s never too late to write a book”.¬†However it was a bit disconcerting to find that the featured authors looked (and indeed were, in relative terms) so young. One even talked about having four young children – so not that old then!

A bit more encouragement for the truly ageing amongst us, highlighting the achievements of Diana Athill, Mary Wesley, and the vast number of lesser-known first time authors/writers over 60 etc would be much appreciated.

And no, the argument that publishers are looking for ‘social media’ experience and “longevity – someone they can get several books out of” isn’t acceptable. There is a vast market of over 50s who are looking for books that resonate with them – not necessarily by older people, but not automatically by the latest up and coming 20 something authors either (end of rant).

NB Good to see the Prime Writers Group Рlooking forward to seeing their numbers swell.