Writing and Reviewing on Taylz

taylz-logoTaylz is a new site for short story writers – and readers. Its aim, so it says is “to build a comprehensive library of the latest, most exciting new short stories available online. We want Taylz to be a natural port of call for readers interested in new voices in fiction, as well as a lively, creative forum where new and established writers can receive constructive feedback.

We’re interested in stand-alone stories that can be read in one 15-20 minute sitting (1500-8,000 words)– ideal for the average commute, lunch break, or as a bedtime read.”

Taylz is launching the site in two phases. Phase 1 is the story-building phase which is exclusively for writers.  This will build up a bank of stories and writers, that can then be used to attract readers for Phase 2  – which will be aimed at the reading public across the English speaking world.

Please do take a look. This seems a very promising outlet for developing writers. Becoming involved in the site also provides a very useful reminder of how much one learns through the reviewing process about one’s own weaknesses.

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