Out now: Degrees of Exposure

Here it is – my second collection of short stories, newly published and just waiting for an audience!

A young man is seduced by a knitting sorceress. A couple weekending in Copenhagen bond through an unexpected donation of wedding cake. An old ex-mercenary, cut off by floodwaters, finds himself transformed into James Bond. Two worlds collide in an out-of-town retail park as a middle-aged woman helps two asylum seekers in their quest for a better life…

In this new collection of thirty-three contemporary short stories, readers are invited to dip into different worlds, walking hand-in-hand with an eclectic and colourful range of characters as they deal with love, hope, joy, disappointment, and loss. All the featured stories have either won prizes or been short- or long-listed in international creative writing competitions. Feedback includes:

‘Moving and Inspirational’ – Writers Forum ((That) Hollow Place)

‘Wonderfully imaginative’ – Yeovil Literary Prize (Seesaw of Isolation)

‘Someone with a magical way with writing’ – Writing Magazine (Stitched Up)

‘Beautifully paced’ – Dahlia Press (Nighthawks)

Degrees of Exposure is available from Amazon or FeedaRead in paperback or ebook format. Reviews and recommendations are always appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Out now: Degrees of Exposure

  1. Dianne Bown-Wilson is one very talented writer who has compiled an impressive collection of award-winning short stories that are broad in scope and contemporary in nature. Writers learning or honing the craft of short story writing would undoubtedly advance their skills by reading the stories in Degrees of Exposure because they represent examples of how an intriguing tale can be told in a few thousand words. Short stories are gaining in popularity because readers don’t always have the time or inclination to tackle a novel. Readers will be entertained by not only the content of the stories, but oftentimes, the surprise endings. A highly recommended collection with stories that will resonate long after they’ve been read.


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